Nicely done Dave. I hope readers on Medium heed your call. The “state of the state” should be better than it is, in my view, given the economic recovery and the amount of wealth in CA. But that recovery has not been broadly shared (clearly, with the highest level of inequality in the nation). And that’s because govt policy has been inadequate in addressing the needs that are out there. And note, that’s true here in the most Democratic of states. Democrats can’t blame Donald Trump, Paul Ryan or Fox News for their failure to right this ship. As governor, Jerry Brown has managed to balance the books — certainly an accomplishment over his predecessor — but he forgot the other side of the coin…helping Californians to get the things they need for their lives. Those things include an affordable education (university costs are way too high), bringing down housing costs (by any means necessary — the state should be investing big time in nonprofit housing development, like they do throughout Europe, as a counter-balance to the for-profit market, which has completely failed in CA), reducing health care costs thru nonprofit health care (I prefer the “shared responsibility” method used in Germany and France over the single payer method used in the UK), better transportation (why is it in Berlin anyone can get anywhere on public transportation in 20 min, for very little money, but here in the US the “innovation” in transportation is Uber clogging our streets with its 50% subsidized rides that are pulling riders AWAY from public transportation? We are going backwards)…on and on and on. California is still a beautiful state, we still have that going for us, but the Brown administration has missed one opportunity after another to make CA a leader in countering the Trump-like forces that are ready to lead in a different direction if Democratic leaders like Brown can’t figure out. Jerry, you got your “rainy day fund,” but what about helping the people who can’t get in out of the rain?

Hey, but at least we legalized weed, so everybody can get stoned and just forget about it all…

So Dave, thanks as always for your excellent work, and for trying to call people’s attention to the slow and debilitating loss of the watchdog media over government. A vibrant media is one of the many important cornerstones that sadly are missing from the foundation of our beloved California. Yes indeed, Cal Matters!

fmr Center for Humane Tech, NewAmerica, FairVote, author:“RawDeal &Uber Economy” “EuropesPromise“ ”10Steps toRepairUS Democracy” @StevenHill1776

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